The best time guide to buy your own car

It is still a need to buy your own car even if there are many types of transportation available. In other areas, having your own car is the best option as there are limitations in time or distance that public transportation could service. But also because of the affordable price of the car so many now can buy their own cars. There are brand new ones or the used car that is up for sale. If you want to buy your own then read first the infographic below.

The infographic is a great guide for you that you can consider. As cars also could depend on the season so you could also be based their what car would have a lesser price. If you want a particular model or type of car then you can see what would be the season that they could be cheaper. Holidays is one time you can get a good deal especially if it is the closing month of the year as also agents want to get rid of old stocks.

When it comes to the day of the week, it is also recommended you go in the first days as agents are not that busy. Most buyers do their shopping on weekends so agents are busy at that time. When it comes to the day of the month, it is also recommended that you go in the first days of the month. Many will wait for the last days of the month when agents are offering deals so they could meet their goal.