Best Travel Destinations for Foodies


New York City

There is no place like NYC. It’s the ultimate melting pot, and in my opinion, the reason this is the worlds best city for foodies goes back 100 years to when immigrants came here checking in at Elis Island and bringing their unique cultures to America. Today you can find literally any cuisine in the world here. If you love pizza, there is even New York-style pizza, and the pizza here is second to none. For foodies, you should go on a pizza tour. There are a few services that offer this. We recommend Scotts Pizza Tour, which sports a 4.9 rating on Google. They have a walking and bus option.

Las Vegas

The coolest part about Las Vegas for a foodie is the celebrity chef circuit. All the most famous celebrity chefs have restaurants here, and they all tend to be pretty good. If you don’t believe me take a look at Gordon Ramsey’s burger joint in the Planet Hollywood Casino. He also has Hell’s Kitchen, which is a must-dine. And then you have all the famous places like Nobu.


London was an imperial power for generations, and some cuisines, such as dim sum, don’t get better than here. But remember, they also colonized India and many islands in the Caribbean. Royal China is the first place that comes to mind. The city is home to thousands of restaurants, so if you are going for diversity. You can find 123 out of 140 types of cuisine in London.


As someone who loves beans, the nickname Bean Town only makes Boston more appetizing. One cuisine unique to the region is clam chowder. I have had great chowder in a sour bread bowl in Pismo beach but nothing beats the authentic chowders in Bean Town. The city has a great history by American standards, and some restaurants have been serving dinners for generations.


A city known for its golf courses and resorts, it should be no surprise that they offer some great culinary treasures. The best time to visit is March to May during spring training, especially if you are a baseball fan. A great option like the Canal Club inside the Scotts resort should be familiar to you. Most resorts have great food options if you are a breakfast fan. The city sports some incredible breakfast restaurants, such as Hash. And if the resorts and restaurants aren’t enough, Scottsdale Catering services are second to none featuring excellent relaxed service and delicious food.

lou manetti butter crust pizza

Incredible Chicago style pizza from Lou Manetti with their world famous pizza butter crust


Miami is another city known for it’s fussion of cultures. It’s a hub for all of latin america and some say home to the Cuban Sandwich, although most people insist the Cuban Sandwich was invented in Tampa. Southern Florida is a great winter destination not only because of the weather but also because of the Stone Crab claws. Stone crabs are great for fans of crab claws which are usually served cold with honey mustard dipping. When the stone crab is caught, the fisherman takes one claw and tosses the Croatian back into the ocean to regrow the missing claw and only one, so it can defend itself.


Everyone knows that the French take their food more seriously than almost all other cultures. The headquarters for French cuisine in Paris. The croissant in the city is second to none, and you can smell the numerous bakeries walking the streets. Some refer to Paris as the capital of food and gastronomy or the art of cooking. Whether it’s self-proclaimed or actually true doesn’t matter, it’s a must-visit location for all foodies.


The most popular food in the world is pizza, and the second is pasta, both Italian. Rome has incredible options for most styles of Italian food. If you can’t visit the entire country trying all the different variations of Italian cuisine, you should visit Rome.

New Orleans

This city has art and culture that is so unique. Its history goes back to the French, and that influence has also influenced the importance of gastronomy and the art of food. Great Jazz music and colorful architecture come second to the food scene, especially if you enjoy cajun food.